Tilos Trails

Moderate Walks                                            

A few examples of walks we have classed as 'Moderate'. Please note that at the beginning of the season some of these can be classed as 'Introductory' because the weather is then cooler and shade is not so important. Also the terrain is still firm, hasn't dried out and become loose underfoot. Once the hotter drier weather is on us these walks may then classed as 'Moderate'

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Kamariani to Panteleimona                                                        

These are the two monasteries to the north of the island. Kamariani, which fell into disrepair and was refurbished in 1989, and the 13thC Ag Panteleimona, nestling high on the mountainside above the sea where cool, natural spring water flows all year. We pass a windmill, recently restored as a house, and through the site of the Hellenic burial ground before joining the original path used by the monks. The scenery is wonderful. We pass the derelict hamlet of Paradisi with its chapel, Ag. Kirikos, and also the chapel at the saddle housing an inscribed tablet over 2000 years old. This is a beautiful stoned path and although in disrepair many parts are clearly visible, including an impressive stone staircase. Refreshments and food are available at Panteleimona and we descend via the road to the beautiful and tranquil beach of Plaka for a swim.
Bus to Ag.Antonis and back from Plaka.

Old Man                                                                                                                
Locally known as the ‘Old Man’, at the top of a steep gully there is a large olive tree with the source of a spring. This is a wonderful place to sit and look down over Livadia, Along the way passing the Kastello, where evidence of Bronze Age activity has been found. This is also a Classical or Hellenic site, incorporating the remains of a central tower and various segments of the boundary wall. We also visit the remains of the castle of Agriosikia, possibly of Venetian origin, later adopted and restored by the Knights of St. John, and the chapel of Ag.Anna with its original 13thC frescoes. A fairly narrow path most of the way but descending via the wide, originally stoned road back to Livadia.
A circular walk.

Pano Meri via Ag.Pavlos                                                                                        
Pano Meri means ‘High Place’ and we reach it by passing Ag.Pavlos. This chapel nestles in the hillside above Livadia and boasts a natural spring within. This is a lovely walk, sociable because much of it is over wide, open paths or dirt road. However, we use a little known old path over rock with stone steps up to the remains of Tsigoura hamlet and fabulous views over Livadia bay. Descending through Kalamos and down a red rock staircase, which is in very poor condition, we pass its springs and disused fruit farms. Arriving at a stoned road which presents classical costal path views all the way back to Ag.Stefanos, the medieval port at the far end of Livadia bay, providing an opportunity to swim.
A circular walk.

Gera via Pano Meri                                                                                               
The derelict remains of the 15th C village of Gera, but circumnavigating Roukouni hill passing through Pano Meri, several small deserted settlements and abandoned fruit farms. Keeping fairly high there are stunning views over the landscape and down to the deserted beaches. It is a good idea to keep a lookout for birds of prey and ravens on this fairly long but easy and sociable walk using mainly wide paths or dirt roads.
A circular walk.

Mikro Horio to Lethra                                                                                          
Joining together these two walks from the Introductory Walk sheet.

Tilos Kastro to Skafi                                                                                           
Joining together these two walks from the Introductory Walk sheet.

Midsummer Special                                                                                               
Sunrise over Symi. See the first chink of a crimson ball over the purple outline of Symi. From the rocky pinnacle near the top of the hills behind Livadia, watch the spectacular colours of the sunrise spreading across the sky and lighting up the hills and valleys of Tilos. Starting 30 mins before dawn allows for the unusual sight of looking down on the twinkling lights of Livadia as the first signs of dawn begin to show.
A circular walk.