Tilos Trails
What to Wear


  1. Good walking shoes/trainers or dedicated walking sandals
  2. Sun hat
  3. Long trousers are recommended for protection from sun and scratches but shorts are acceptable
  4. Walking stick -optional, we have sticks available to borrow
  5. Small back pack, not shoulder bag, to carry
  • 1.5 litres water minimum but it is advisable to work on 0.5 litres per hour if you intend to be out all day– remember to drink little and often, it can be too late if you begin to feel thirsty
  • Sun cream
  • Long-sleeved cotton shirt to cover up against sun burn
  • Mobile phone - if you have one. Make sure you have a local contact number programmed in but it is also recommended that you leave your number with someone and keep your phone switched on. IF there was a problem, you could then be traced by listening for your phone ringing. (Note 1)
  • Whistle -recommended for attracting attention, mobile phones do not receive a signal everywhere on Tilos
  • Insect repellent and bite treatment - optional
  • Binoculars – optional
  • Camera – optional
  • Small sweet snacks, fruit and olives or nuts are a good idea

VERY IMPORTANT -PLEASE NOTE and record in your mobile phone AND remember.

For those of you not aware, there is an emergency telephone number for all of Europe and many other countries in the world.


gets you through to an operator who will connect you through to the appropriate emergency service depending on the circumstances. It is FREE and works even if the phone is locked or password protected. It is should only be used in extreme emergencies where no one else can be contacted or made to understand.

Lone walkers should always carry a mobile when they can AND make sure it has good battery life AND leave it switched on. You may want peace and quiet but if there is a problem, searchers can use it to help locate you.

However it is still very important to inform someone, ANYONE, where you are going and when you expect to be back. A shopkeeper when you buy water but whoever you choose, DO remember to check back in with them. Some establishments provide a book in reception for this purpose.


Please remember to tell someone where you are going and what time you left.

Tell a friend, leave a note on the notice board at your accommodation or with your Representative or let someone like a shop keeper know while you are buying your supplies.

DON'T forget to let them know when you are back.

This is not meant to be an invasion of your privacy but this way if you don't clock back  in, someone will know which area of the island you are in.

We carry a mobile phone for emergencies and a comprehensive medical kit for your use.



Note 1 This may sound pedantic but we know from experience of several incidents                  that this would have saved some hours of anxiety and uncertainty.